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An initiative to overcome COVID-19 crisis

An initiative to overcome COVID-19 crisis

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Stay beside the helpless people

Action for Stay Beside

COVID-19 is nothing short of one of the fastest, most widespread displays of global innovation in history—and it must be just the start. During this time of unprecedented need, we will quickly rethink and redesign our ways of working—from business models, to supply chains, to safeguarding employment, to approval processes and product lines. Our collective actions which we are calling "Action for Stay Beside" can get us there focusing information technology by spreading awareness and helping community to find digital solutions for education, workforce, health, business,agriculture, e-commerce, advocacy — at home, work, or on a digital platform.








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Many business owners are innovating to continue services, and the resulting models and offers emerging from this time have the power to change communities and society for the better.To meet the urgent needs of communities and societies, organizations of all types have had to rapidly shift their focus, redirecting their assets and capabilities to support the global response to the pandemic and fill in gaps. AidPeople wants to uncover additional opportunities for this creativity to emerge from businesses of all sizes to meet today’s most pressing needs, while planning for a future that we know will look very different from our present.

Response for Helpless

COVID-19 is a nation-wide crisis at this moment for every country affected and also going to affect anytime. As people of Bangladesh is not aware about this COVID-19 pandemic and afterwards situations which will lead to lose their scopes to earn and also a very miserable life. To overcome this crisis, we are going to establish a platform for helping low-income/day laborers people by the people who want to provide financial help or food support to these vulnerable people. Also, to maintain an online database by registering the vulnerable people using an user-friendly web portal to identify how many people in Bangladesh are in vulnerable situations and whether they are receiving support or not. By this online portal, we will also identify and prevent multiple support by providing proper distribution of help of any means and also measuring whether the support an individual receives is sufficient for his/her family or for how long he/she can survive with it.





Aid Control Panel

Unique control panel for your aid/help/donation/support

  • Start your aid program
    To promote the socio-economic development of the vulnerable members of the local communities, you can register here your aid program and create event as per requirements.
  • Add list of recipients
    After creating your dashboard, you can add list of recipients/beneficiaries/helpless people and keep database of records. You can get information anytime by searching their unique identification numbers.
  • Add an inspector
    An inspetor is an authorized person who is appointed on behalf you and added by you so that you may or want to monitor or confirm the receipt of aid/help/support/donation in real-time by using our online receipt confirmation process.
  • Receipt Confirmation
    Our online receipt confirmation process which ensures you receipt of aid of every recipients or beneficiaries or helpless people or a community in real-time.


Responsive Design

User-friendly design support any device

Unique Control Panel

Easy-to-use and quick access panel

QR Code Database

Generating QR Code for user information

QR Code Login

Quick and secured user login with QR Code

Unique Identification

Generate UID for donee/recipient/benefiary

Theft Control

Safe and secured server preventing content


The Team Representing Social Responsibility


Rabiul Biplob

President & Founder

Promoter "Action for Happiness" & Mentor "Stay Beside"



Nasiba Aktar

Executive Director

Gender Consultant, conducting research to solve social issues.


Maksuda Khatun


You must never be fearful about what you are doing when it is right.


Jahanara Begum


Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.


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